Having a boyfriend while beeing an escort

Having a boyfriend while beeing an escort

Most girls who work in this industry ask themselves how is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship and work as well as an escort? Well, in most cases this is not possible because the guy you are dating has to be very open minded and to accept that this is only a job and not just another way of cheating.

My story of two lives I have

My name is Belle and in this few rows I will tell you how I succeeded having both lives and to enjoy life with everything it has prepared for me. When I met my boyfriend I thought that he will be the same as most clients. On the table I saw an envelope and I knew that there are my money and he doesn’t want to disturb the wonderful night we were having by discussing business. My curiosity pushed me to check the envelope to see if it was real what I was thinking and besides the money, there was a note saying that every time I want to see him I only have to give him a call and he will be there.

He is a successful doctor and very handsome and it was odd for me that he didn’t had a girlfriend or a wife. But, as he said to me later, there wasn’t to much options when your schedule is to busy. He was very open minded and we liked each other from the first time. And that’s how I braked my golden rule to not date clients. But in the end everything was great, he understanded that this is just a job and as long as I offer my love just to him everything is ok.

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How did his family taked the news? Well, they don’t know the truth entirely. Sometimes I feel guilty but then I remember how judgmental the society can be and I swallow my words. Well, if you want to have both, the job as an escort and a boyfriend, then you should find a man who can understand your commitments and to support you whenever you need it.

How to handle certain situations as escort ?

Sadly, in most cases, man break up with the girl of their dreams as soon as they find out her real profession. Most girls are so disappointed that they leave their high paid job as an escort and try to get a normal job but the truth is, the struggle will follow them. Soon this girls will find out that she has to give up this normal job because of boredom.

Anyone who tasted the forbidden fruit cannot give up easily. Escort in Zürich a job unlike any other. Exciting situations and an interesting payment are waiting. If you want to have both you have to prove that you know what you want and if the man you like doesn’t support your dreams and career then maybe it’s not the right one for you.

In first place, you have to give up to a romantic life and to be aware that clients cannot be your partners because every time both of you will be aware how you met. But, if you find an open minded man then you should try at least.